I am 

I am in my body
I am with my body
I am through my body

I live in my body
I live with my body
I live through my body

I embody my body
I embody any body
I embody every body

Within the space of dance, theatre, and all the in-between spaces

I embody what desires to be embodied – the seen and the unseen

I embody everything and become nothing 

I trust, sense, and feel that “Heaven and Earth reflect each other, that whatever exists within and without, from the smallest particle to the biggest galaxy, represents the repetition of the same system. (…) There is no separation: our inner and outer worlds are the reflection of the same whole of which we are all part”

I dance

I dance within Presence
Presence dances within me
It dances with me and through me

Presence dances me

I am danced

Danced, I celebrate life 

I am back home

Franco Santoro, Astroshamanism. A Journey into the Inner Universe. Book 1 (Finhorn: Findhorn Press: 2003), 13.
photography: Aleksandra Ścibor